Step Plus
Program Achievements

25 points

Students improved math grades by an average of 25 points out of 100 in one year.


of alumni accepted into advanced science -excellence classes in Junior High.


growth (increase in number of students) in three years.


teaching ratio maintained.

Program Achievements


amount of students who applied for a higher level mathematics exam.


technological initiatives developed by Atid Plus's students.


"Farm-Tech" groups won 1st prize in the Entrepreneurship Competition for 3 years in a row.


of them passed with flying colors!

Success Stories

Daniel Zanzuri

10.5 yrs. | Petah Tiqwa

"The Atid Plus instructors know me and help me develop my brain."

Ilai Bago

9 yrs. | Petah Tiqwa

"I love experimenting – my favorite experiment is examining if fluids are alkali or acidic. I also love building and playing with aristocraft models."

Bar Elias

10.5 yrs. | Petah Tiqwa

"I work with computers and learn from them. I also learned to respect others and work in a team."

Sima Nozbruch

15 yrs. | Neve Hadassah

"I enjoy learning new stuff like computer programming and building apps. I gained a lot of confidence. Today I feel competent to do these things and to stand before an audience."

Valerie Anviev

15 yrs. | Neve Hadassah

"The spearhead program improved my skills and built my confidence."

Uriel Kaplan

15 yrs. | Neve Hadassah

"For the first time I experienced standing before an audience and lecturing before my friends. As a person that likes challenges I enjoy lecturing and receiving feedback from my friends."

Valeria (Lara) Fomenko

"I love it that I learn new and interesting things. I learned how important it is to be part of a group, developing ourselves and learning we can do so much more than we thought we can."   "At the end of the year we had a "TED" evening. I'm a bit shy and don’t like to talk before people. I didn't want to stand before an audience and speak. My friends in the group supported me and I learned how to stand on stage and deliver my message. I succeeded and am proud of myself for it."

Hodaya Michaeovitz

14 yrs. | Alonei Yitzhak

"I learned many important things in Meshek Tech – about agriculture and technology and the integration between them."

Nina Elyashiv

16 yrs. | Alonei Yithak

"I learned that I too as a girl can do things that "only" men do. I love working with my friends and enjoy the support we give each other."

Matanael Giat

16 yrs. | Alonei Yitzhak

"I learned about teamwork. I know this will help me in my future workplace."

Tohar Girafi

16 yrs. | Alonei Yitzhak

"Atid Plus teaches me alot. I learned that some things take time and that in order to  see the big picture, I need to look at all the small details and then connect them ."

Maayan Adagouicho

16 yrs. | Alonei Yitzhak

"Atid Plus has enriched my knowledge and helped me learn new things about myself. I learned that will and knowledge can take me far."