We promote science and technology education for children and youth from a lower socio-economic background by establishing educational centers for technological innovation and entrepreneurship. These centers offer a unique and cutting-edge learning environment that includes: interactive learning spaces, smart classrooms, advanced 3D printing laboratories and more. In addition to these centers, Atid Plus activates nationwide excellence programs that are designated to promote high-potential students within the fields of mathematics and science.

In our vision, children and youth achieve their goals and succeed in
mathematics and technological disciplines, irrespective of their
socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our mission is to develop and promote cutting-edge STEM education programs for under- priviledged children and youth in Israel. We provide children and young people, in youth villages located in the geographic and social periphery of the State of Israel, with the opportunity to develop first-class scientific and technological skills, that will shape their success as people, students, employees, and citizens.
We offer an interdisciplinary and applied approach, employing innovative teaching methods and technologies which also encourage critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Our Values

Atid Plus sees its human factor as a major resource which it will constantly develop and nurture. The organization promotes values of excellence, commitment, responsibility, human and social sensitivity with a constant desire for innovation.


Our Story

Our story begins with a reciprocal act of kindness that changed the world. One afternoon, several years ago, our founder, Daniel Kovler was kayaking in Lake Kinneret when he came across a fellow kayaker in trouble whose boat had capsized. Daniel stopped to lend a hand. Soon the two got talking and Daniel was asked by the man he’d just rescued a fascinating question: what would you do if money was no object? Daniel shared his dream of giving underprivileged kids from Israel’s periphery an opportunity to benefit from STEM education. Daniel’s dream was based on real experience. He had been that kid living in the periphery whose teachers had lost faith in.

To his enormous surprise the man (who prefers to remain anonymous) gave Daniel the funds that enabled Daniel to set up Atid Plus. Today, thanks to the funds from generous donors like you, Atid Plus fulfills our mission of providing STEM education to children in the periphery and youth at risk, literally saving their lives and giving them the tools and skills to build a better future for themselves.

Our Activities

Our Beneficiaries

We work with children from the periphery

Israel’s education system is marked by substantial gaps that exist between the country’s center and its periphery in terms of government investment per student, educational content, the availability of technological equipment and more. Children in Israel’s socio-economic periphery lack equal opportunities in education, particularly in mathematics and science-technology disciplines. The lack of resources leads to a shortfall of quality educators and inability to encourage excellence among the children. Our beneficiaries include children in youth villages without parental support or children in schools in underprivileged areas with large socioeconomic gaps.

Providing equal opportunities for the future

At Atid Plus, we believe that every child is entitled to receive quality education. Atid Plus Programs promote mathematics, science and technology studies, making them accessible to children with an unfulfilled potential, while cultivating creative thinking and inspiring children and youth to create a better future for themselves.

Gaps: Center
and Periphery in Israel


The rate of 12 graders eligible for a high school diploma and qualifying for academic education in wealthy communities (clusters 7-10)



The average rate of 12 graders eligible for a high school diploma and qualifiyng for academic education in Israel

54% : 15%

The gap in 2017 between center and periphery students studying for 5 units math

17 Points

Gap between poor and wealthy communities in PISA tests (8th grade, 2017).

Our Team

Coral Biton

Executive Director

Coral joined Atid Plus in 2015 as a coordinater in Kanot youth village. She then continued to manage the organizations' southern district. and then managed the organizations' youth programs in youth villages for three years. Coral volunteered with "Access for All", a learning platform that allows every person to achieve education, bridging social gaps and offering equal opportunities. In her military career, she served as a training officer in the Teleprocessing Corps. Coral holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from Ben Gurion University.

Messeret Worku

Step Plus Manager

Messeret Worku (Messi) manages the Step Plus Programs operating in municipalities. In her previous position, Messi worked at the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption where she coordinated the field of informal education for special communities (Ethiopian, Bukhara and Caucasus) and continued to manage the department for Uplans and Endowing Linguistics. Messi served in the IDF for seven years and continues to serves in the Reserves. She holds a BA in Public Policy from the Beit Berl Academic College.

Rivka Knafo

STEM Plus Mananger

Rivka began working with Atid Plus as a fellowship student, as counselor for elementary schools in the Southern district and then joined the staff as   STEM Plus program coordinator in the youth villages of Kannot and Ayanot. Prior to joining Atid Plus, Rivka worked in project management and finance in various companies. She holds a BA in Economics and Management rfom the Sapir College.

Anat Langer-Gal

Manager of Resource Development

Anat  develops and leads the organizations fundraising strategy and resource development. She has 20 years of work experience  in Israel's non-profit sector.  Anat worked with AJEEC-NISPED, IWN (Israel Women's Network), Brit Olam- International Volunteering and Development and more. Anat holds a BA in East Asian studies and an MA in Religion Studies from Tel Aviv University and, is a PhD. candidate in Gender Studies at The University of Haifa. Anat is also a feminista and social activitst.

Inbar Ron

Human Resources Manager

Inbar is responsible for human resources at Atid Plus. This includes all aspects of hiring employees, employee welfare, organizing events and trainings. She was previously a recruiting coordinator at Ness Technologies. Inbar holds a BA in Social Sciences from the College of Management.

Heli Kochavi

Finance Manager

As financial manager of Atid PLus, Heli manages the organizations' budget, payroll , payments and submits the organizations' annual financial reports (audits). She has ten years of experience in financial management (corporate sector). Heli is a certified bookkeeper, now studying for her accountant certification.

Amir Bafri

Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator

Amir coordinates Atid Plus marketing operations and partnerships. In his previous position he coordinated the STEM Plus activities in Neve Hadassah youth village and was partner to establishing the organizations' center in Kfar Galim. Before joining Atid plus, Amir worked for four years as a counselor at the Steinberg boarding school where he himself was educated. Amir holds a B.A. in Business management (major in marketing) from the IDC.

Vered Hartuv

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Vered  measures and evaluates the organizaton's educational activities. Prior to this she iwas a Step Plus Program coordinator in Petah Tiqwa and Herzliya  and wrote content for the Step Plus programs. She studied chemistry and chemical engineering at Ben Gurion University. After graduating, Vered worked as a chemist at the university labs and then turned to education and worked as a high school chemistry teacher.

Renana Vogel

Girls Plus Program Coordinator & Technovation Regional Ambassador | Content Writer

Renana coordinates the Girls Plus  program and serves as the Technovation Girls regional ambassador. She also develops educational content for Atid Plus programs. Renana is an experienced group facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in education. She was previously a group instructor at Gesher. Renana holds a BA in Chemistry and,  History and Philosophy of Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is currently studying for her masters degree in Science and Technology Education at Bar Ilan Unoversity.

Suzie Cheragyan Weiss

STEM Plus Coordinator Kannot

Suzie coordinates STEM Plus activities in Kannot. She herself is a graduate of the David Raziel youth village. Suzie is an ISEF Leadership Development Program alumni. She served as an Information non-commissioned officer in the Navy and received an excellence award. Suzie holds a BA in political science from Ben Gurion University and is activist.

Alicia Spolsky

STEM Plus Coordinator Kfar Galim

Alicia coordinates Atid Plus activities in Kfar Galim. Before joining the organization, she worked as a counselor for the Maguen David Jewish Community of Mexico City, in their summer programs and the March of the Living. She also worked as a tutor in an after-school program with third graders. Alicia is herself a graduate of Alonei Yitzhak youth village. She sees in her position a personal closure and a starting point in her professional quest. Alicia holds an M.A. in Common Market Studies from the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf and, a B.A. in History from the University of Haifa, where she was a board member of the Model UN society. She competed in national and international competitions representing the university and the State of Israel.

Daniel Gabai Kazaz

STEM Plus Coordinator Neve Hadassah

Daniel coordinates Atid Plus activities in Neve Hadassah. She joined the team following eight years of military service in the field of education. In her most recent position she was head of the education department at the teleprocessing and web environment defense flank. In this position Daniel was responsible for advancing education programs in some 20 units in the IDF and  was responsible for a team of 30 education officers and commanders. Daniel holds a B.A. in Psychology from the Open University.

Shir Drucker

STEM Plus Coordinator in HaKfar Hayarok

Shir coordinates Atid Plus activities in Hakfar Hayarok. Previously she served as a publicity officer in the Education and Youth Corps where she also commanded over a development and facilitation team and received an excellence award for her duty. In the beginning of her military service, Shir was responsible for Gadna (Youth Battalions) weeks that brings youth from across the country and mostly students from boarding schools to experience military service. Shir is a gap year alumni of The General Federation of Working And Studying Youth where she coordinated the Pardes Chana – Karkur Branch.

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